The Jeep® Wrangler JL vs the Jeep® Wrangler JK: Tried and True, or Redefined and Rugged

With the advent of the Jeep® Wrangler JL, many off-road enthusiasts and Jeep® brand drivers in Harrisburg and Duncannon are attempting to decipher the differences between generations. Apart from the obvious aesthetic differences in the grille, hood, and other exterior features, the Jeep® Wrangler JK and JL actually have more differences than expected.


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Interior Design and Incorporated Technology

The Jeep® Wrangler JL features the newest in technological advancements--from the Uconnect® systems to electronic sway bar disconnects, electronically locking differentials and integrated auxiliary switches, the Wrangler® JL considers the needs of both off-road enthusiasts, and the average driver seeking a convenient, safe vehicle (with features such as blind spot monitoring and a rear back-up camera). The Wrangler® JK, however, while still featuring an array of options, does not come fully-equipped with the plethora of technologic features standard in the Wrangler JL. Opting for the more "stripped down" approach, the Wrangler JK® provides ample opportunity for aftermarket modification, while still delivering off-road capabilities.

The Wrangler® JL, with an available leather trim option group, certainly provides a higher level of on-road (and even off-road) comfort. The lighter weight materials utilized to the better-optimized suspension assist the more luxurious interior in delivering a more comfortable driving experience. The Wrangler JK®, while less "plush", doesn't necessarily seek to optimize comfort to the same degree. Focusing on delivering the Jeep® brand off-road capabilities, to some, the "stiffer" ride of the Wrangler® JK hardly serves as a deterrent.


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Mechanical and Structural Differences: Capabilities Defined

The Jeep® Wrangler JK, after years of engineering development, continuously delivers reliable off-road capabilities, with rock-solid construction. From the large ring and pinion gears to the steel frame, the Wrangler® JK has proven itself in Moab, and countless other trails across the country, and the world. The Wrangler® JL, conversely, has yet to prove itself as a durable off-road contender. Judging from the mechanical construction, the next generation Dana® axles in conjunction with aluminum support housings for various aspects of the Wrangler® JL will provide a lighter and stronger off-road vehicle. However, the decreased ring and pinion size of the Wrangler® JL has enthusiasts concerned about the overall strength for off-road application.

Conclusions: Jeep® Brand Delivers, Regardless of Preference

Ultimately, both Wrangler® models are wholly capable off-road, with varying degrees of on-road comfort and amenities. While the Wrangler® JK is more affordable than the Wrangler® JL, the Wrangler® JL's innovative designs and technology deliver a vehicle that handles exceptionally well, and considers off-road enthusiasts and the average consumer alike. In conclusion, the "right choice" depends exclusively on the individual's desires--however, neither model will disappoint.


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