When you’re looking for your next new SUV, it might feel like your only option is to buy it outright but at our dealership, we like to provide options for our drivers. You may not know the benefits of a Jeep lease but you can easily find the details by visiting our Jeep dealership near Harrisburg or by exploring the details through our Leasing page.

There are many benefits to leasing over buying and we’re happy to sit down and discuss them with you in person. If you’re looking to make your monthly budget easier to handle, a Jeep lease offers lower monthly payments alongside a smaller down payment. Oftentimes, you won’t even need to make a down payment, based on the current deals in place.

A lease is almost always done with a new vehicle, so you’ll get to explore the most recent technology and gadgets for each new model year. And with a lease, you won’t be saddled with a six to seven-year loan because the lease term is typically no more than two or three years.

Worried about what the cost of maintenances will be if you decide to lease a vehicle? Don’t be! A lease term is shorter, which usually stays under the manufacturer’s warranty. So, oil changes and simple maintenances are covered without extra cost to you!

When it comes to a lease, there are a lot of benefits. When the terms of the lease have come to an end, you can easily trade it in at our dealership to a new or different model. You can also elect to pay off the remaining cost and keep it if you truly love the Jeep SUV that you have leased.

Want to learn more about the lease process? Swing by our Jeep dealership and we’ll help you explore the benefits in person!

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