The winter months are notoriously harsh on all vehicles - between salted roads, freezing temperatures and poor driving conditions, it's essential to prepare your vehicle for the inevitable conditions ahead to both uphold your model's condition and to ensure your safety. Assisting drivers in preparing and maintaining their vehicle throughout winter, Forrer Dodge's team of experienced service mechanics identify your vehicle's requirements, and swiftly perform the necessary preventative maintenance and repairs needed to keep you safely on the road.

Winter Service Tasks: What and Why?

  • Winter Tires

Designed to provide maximum traction during icy and snowy road conditions, winter tires are necessary to drive safety during the winter months. Forrer Dodge's Tire Center helps drivers find the right tires for their vehicles, installing and aligning them perfectly for the months ahead. Don't place your safety in jeopardy - get your winter tires equipped today!

  • Oil Change

While regular oil changes are required throughout the year, the freezing temperatures experienced during the winter months can make your standard oil grade difficult to circulate. Certain engines and vehicles and benefit from a lighter grade oil to start more easily in cold weather. Receive the proper oil grade for your vehicle during winter from Forrer Dodge's service center!

  • Undercoating

Salted wet roads rapidly deteriorate even the newest car's undercarriage - to prevent rust from taking control of your vehicle, receiving an undercoating is essential. Protect your vehicle's components from rust, and get your undercoating from Forrer Dodge today.

  • Battery Change

Cold temperatures can cause the rapid loss of charge from older batteries, or those without an ample CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) rating for winter weather. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with a battery capable of standing up to the cold, and replace your vehicle's battery at Forrer Dodge!

Receive Your Winter Service at Forrer Dodge

Stop by Forrer Dodge to receive the service you vehicle needs to remain reliable throughout winter. From Harrisburg to Duncannon, our team of experienced service mechanics keep drivers confidently on the road, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and genuine parts and accessories. Stop by our dealership to speak with a service center representative, or give us a call to schedule your service appointment today!

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